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Does magnesium help with constipation?

Over the 50+ years that elete (through our parent company) has helped consumers, we've received many inquiries around the laxative effect.  One of the most frequent questions is: Does magnesium help with constipation? Those who know the answer due to personal experience may have other questions since the number one complained-about side effect from minerals is also, strangely, one of the most sought-after benefits.  This effect warrants sufficient [...]

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How to get rid of a charley horse – and 4 simple fixes

How to get rid of a charley horse: This problem plagues athletes and sedentary folks alike. If you’ve ever been jolted out of sleep by a searing pain in your leg that leaves you gasping for breath, you know all too well how painful a muscle cramp can be. If you’ve never experienced a charley horse (sometimes misspelled Charlie Horse), you can count yourself lucky. In this [...]

Many medications can induce electrolyte deficiency

For most of us, we associate electrolyte loss with high temperatures, exertion, and sweating. But did you also know that you can significantly deplete electrolytes in the body just by taking certain prescription medications? One of the nutritional issues that is not well known by consumers and the public is that many common prescription medications can induce or cause certain electrolytes and nutrients to become very low or [...]

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Trace Elements in elete Electrolyte Add-In  

What are all of the trace elements contained in elete Electrolyte Add-In and CitriLyte, including those in minuscule amounts? The seas of the world have a balance of minerals that is almost identical to that found in blood plasma and lymphatic fluid for mammals, including humans. That balance includes trace or ultra-trace amounts of almost all of the elements. This has been documented by NASA in general for seawater and [...]

Can you drink too much water?

Staying hydrated is important, but can you drink too much water? If you are an endurance athlete you may have experienced feeling bloated or like the water you are drinking is no longer working. In this article, we explain the science behind why over-hydration can occur when electrolytes become so diluted that the kidneys stop functioning. There are several words people use for this physical state: hyponatremia, water [...]

Magnesium for Asthma and Lung Health

If you are concerned about your respiratory health, read about compelling research related to magnesium for asthma and lungs. Many studies show that the respiratory system depends on sufficient quantities of this essential mineral. Magnesium is Well-documented for Asthma and Lung Health Magnesium, an essential macro-mineral, is well documented to facilitate a host of processes that support lung health.[9] One way this happens is that Magnesium is involved [...]

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Salt water hydration? The surprising science of electrolytes and dehydration

Dehydration. You may have heard that if you’re working or exercising in hot temperatures or experiencing illness, you need to stay hydrated and that the simplest solution is to drink plenty of water or a sports drink such as Gatorade®. Read on for how salt water hydration works, and the dangers of dehydration. First, to shed light on the issue and clear up common misconceptions, it is important [...]

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Electrolyte Drops in Water – Clinical Study Showed Improved Hydration

What are electrolyte drops and are they effective? Read this article to learn what pure electrolytes are, and a summary of a clinical study with smoke jumper firefighters, which showed that electrolyte drops added to water are dramatically more effective for hydration than water alone.  The article below was re-published with permission of Paul S. Auerbach, MD, MS, FACEP, FAWM. Please refer to this link to the original [...]

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