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Marysa Cardwell is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, who works with clients and organizations on a variety of nutrition topics including eating disorders, intuitive eating, weight management, diabetes, food allergies, healthy eating, meal planning, and other nutrition topics. She LOVES being an “Eating Coach” (or eating cheerleader) at her business: https://allofnutrition.com/

Magnesium for Asthma and Lung Health

If you are concerned about your respiratory health, read about compelling research related to magnesium for asthma and lungs. Many studies show that the respiratory system depends on sufficient quantities of this essential mineral.Magnesium is Well-documented for Asthma and Lung HealthMagnesium, an essential macro-mineral, is well documented to facilitate a host of processes that support lung health.[9] One way this happens is that Magnesium is involved with [...]

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Magnesio para el asma y la salud pulmonar

Si le preocupa su salud respiratoria, lea acerca de investigaciones convincentes relacionadas con el magnesio para el asma y los pulmones. Hay muchos estudios que demuestran que el sistema respiratorio depende de cantidades suficientes de este mineral esencial.Efectos de la contaminación en la salud pulmonarLa contaminación se está convirtiendo en un problema cada vez mayor en todo el mundo. A medida que el aire empeora, vemos un [...]

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